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Welcome to Junk Removal Dubai

We offer a huge assortment of top quality junk removal services in Dubai which will satisfy even the very best requirements and most specific needs of our customers. Our junk removal service guarantees that each one the waste you would like to possess removed are going to be disposed of during a proper and responsible way. regardless of how big or small the work is – our professional team can successfully handle any rubbish removal task.
So, if have an old TV, a refrigerator or the other useless items which don’t work and easily occupy your valuable space and gather dust, Junk Removals Group will eliminate them properly. With our professional team supplying you with hand you’ll be ready to get obviate any sort of waste – from clothes, electrical appliances and furniture to garden refuse and refurbishment waste. Our first-class junk removal Dubai services are the simplest alternative to get rid of quickly and effectively.
Our fully skilled professional team are equipped with the best state-of-the-art tools and have a fleet of recent and well-maintained vehicles to load all the unwanted waste and eliminate it within the correct manner. Hiring our team to urge obviate your waste, will offer you the chance to relax within the knowledge that your junk removal tasks are left in responsible hands. We are environmentally aware company who will recycle your rubbish during a proper way.
Don’t struggle with the burden of rubbish removal yourself – let the professionals lookout of it for you.

Take My Junk Dubai and UAE

Junk Removal Dubai

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Residential & Commercial Junk Removal Dubai

As Junk Removal and disposal experts we’ve been clearing and removing junk from houses and businesses throughout UAE for overflow 12 years. With our vast experience and knowledge of the industry we are ideally placed to supply comprehensive and effective junk removal services from any premises.

We cannot just assist you clear junk, we’ll roll in the hay all for you if that is what you need . With Dubai, UAE being so congested an easy trip to the tip can often take all day. Why waste that day, phone us to return and clear your junk and use some time for you, not an earthly task.

Why Clear Junk

You could be living during a cleaner, more spacious house immediately if you took the time to clear off the unwanted junk that clutters your lebensraum . Over time we all tend to gather items that we eventually not have a use for. Either it become obsolete otherwise you just fancy having it replaced. These unwanted, un-used items that dirty your house and take up valuable lebensraum . If you would like to instantly and simply make your lebensraum a cleaner more spacious environment to measure in then all of your Junk will assist you do exactly that.

Where We Clear Junk

We will clear junk from almost anywhere, including: Houses, Flats & Lofts, Offices, Workshops, Warehouses, Lockup Storage, Allotments and Gardens. We’re committed to providing knowledgeable , effective and timely Junk Removal service to all or any our customers based in UAE and are constantly striving to enhance your experience.

Junk We Remove

We are happy to get rid of and clear any junk that’s not hazardous. Below may be a list of the common junk items we are asked to clear.

  • Furniture
  • Household Rubbish including Cookers, Ovens, Stoves, Fridges, Washing Machines and Pots & Pans
  • Beds and Carpets
  • DIY Waste
  • TV’s, Fish Tanks, Clothing, Sports Gear, Bicycles and Computers
  • Gym Equipment
  • Tyres
  • Paperwork and Newspapers
  • Mattresses
  • Retail stock
  • Bric-a-brac

Trash, Rubbish, Debris and Garden Removal Dubai

We will clear junk from almost anywhere, including: Houses, Flats & Lofts, Offices, Workshops, Warehouses, Lockup Storage, Allotments and Gardens. We’re committed to providing knowledgeable , effective and timely Junk Removal service to all or any our customers based in Dubai, UAE and are constantly striving to enhance your experience.

We’re committed to providing knowledgeable , effective and timely Junk Removal service to all or any our customers and are constantly striving to enhance your experience.

Junk Removal Service Dubai

Since our inception, Junk Removal has focused on providing the simplest professional rubbish removal and collection services possible. Our Dubai rubbish collection team lead the way in customer service, not only collecting rubbish, but removing the waste in an environmentally friendly way, and even sweeping up after themselves. Which is why we’re proud to gather junk?

Using our online booking system, you’ll click your thanks to houseclean, office, or vacant lot by simply entering your postcode and selecting the sort of rubbish clearance you need . Then we’ll allocate it to at least one of our Dubai or UAE wide teams, who will provide you with a fanatical , guaranteed 2-hour slot for your collection.

Our network of Junk Removal is consistently growing, while our Dubai base leads the way allowing us to increase our network across North, South, East and West Dubai! Clearing your waste has never been easier than with the Dubai leading rubbish collection service.

Furniture Removal

We will haul away your old furniture with style today. Whether you’re moving, renovating, or just looking to get rid of extra stuff in your house, collect my junk dubai can help you do it.

Appliance Removal

We haul old appliances so you don’t have to. Have an appliance that needs removed? Don’t wait. Call the professional junk removal team at Junk Works today. Whether it’s a fridge, dishwasher, washer/ dryer, or stove, our team can have it out of your house in no time.

Office Furniture Removal

When you are moving offices or upgrading your desks, we can help get rid of any junk or e-waste you no longer need. With full-service cleanouts, upfront pricing and convenient scheduling, we can help make this move quick.

Why Choose Us?